This web page is going to begin discussing the issue of less-toxic shot versus lead.  If you wish to view the old website about mourning doves and the process for getting a dove season established in Iowa chick HERE .  A companion website has been developed at  The Iowa Outdoor Partnership (IOP) is a group that grew out of the Iowa Dove group.  The IOP seeks to represent the interests of Iowa's outdoorsmen and women who participate in the activities of hunting, fishing and shooting.  Some would like to impose restrictions on those activities that are not science based and would tend to restrict individuals from participating in these outdoor activities.  One of the restrictions now being debated is the proposed ban on lead ammunition for hunting doves.

     When the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) made the final approval for the mourning dove season, they blindsided all hunters when they added a requirement for non-toxic shot.  This was after the Iowa Legislature defeated amendments to the "dove bill' that would have required non-toxic shot.  When the final rule went to the Legislative Adminstrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC), they delayed the non-toxic shot requirement from going into effect.  The most recent development is that the Iowa Conservation Alliance (ICA) is considering recommending that the state move toward requiring non-toxic ammunition AND FISHING TACKLE for all hunting and fishing.  The ICA is an alliance of a number of conservation related organizations.  You can view their website by clicking .  On the website you can view the 23 partners who are members of the ICA.  You can view the ICA's proposed position statement by clicking HERE .  We believe this position statement is being promoted by ICA leadership and does not represent the members of the various partner organizations.

     IOWADOVEHUNTER.INFO believes that game management should be driven by fact based research and findings, not emotion.  We believe there are no findings that justify requiring the use of non-toxic ammunition in all circumstances.  Even though the Des Moines Register says it's just not true, we believe the anti-hunting crowd is promoting non-toxic everything to make hunting and fishing more expensive thereby reducing the number of participants.  If you agree you should go to the ICA website and determine if you are a member of one of the partners and let your organization know how you feel.  Below is more information to support our position.

    One of the better reports is by the Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.  While their report mainly addresses fisheries, it has good information that applies to ammunition also.  Read it by clicking HERE .

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